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the most expensive spice mix in the world


Cretan herbs’ health promoting attributes and condimental properties are well known since antiquity. Scientific research further supports that Cretan wild herb extracts, as in oregano (origanum vulgare), thyme (thymus vulgaris), rosemary (salvia rosmarinus) and sage (salvia officinalis), exhibit strong anti-viral, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Limited Production…

Our undisclosed spice-blend synthesis contains, among other unique Cretan wild herbs and Fleur de Sel salts, pristine wild mountain-grown oregano leaves and buds, all carefully handpicked from only a selectful of bushes that grow on a specific coastal mountainside, in the Libyan Sea. Moreover, the harvest takes place only once every 2–3 years, depending on the specific time when each plant reaches their optimum of active substances, based on lab analysis, thus the extremely limited production. Only as few as 129 pieces are available in the world as of this point.

Simply, the best gourmet condiment out there…

Malvictus synthesis is one of a kind. It is the epitome of a multi-year research journey to find the perfect spice blend. More than ten years of experience and professional product use, combined with elite scientific knowledge, laboratory expertise and finest-quality fresh raw materials, have led to the creation of simply the best possible gourmet spice fusion to date.

Only for the Rich…

No expense, time and effort are spared during any stage of the preparation process. Clearly, Malvictus is not meant for everyone, and it doesn’t need to be. It is, literally, a treasure only for the selected few, only for the RICH…in taste.

ISO-Certified with Unprecedented Experimental Data…

The ISO 7609:1985, Essential oils International Standard Certificate of Authenticity Test was conducted at University of Crete, Department of Chemistry. It regards the analysis of essential oils by gas chromatography (GC-MS method) on capillary columns for the purpose of determining the precise content and the characteristic profile of a specific constituent (also see: test report).

A staggering, extraordinary and unrepeatable value of 2.3 ml of essential oil out of 9 g of dried oregano (mainly flowers) was isolated during the ISO 7609:1985 test, validating the existence of an unmatchable, one-of-a-kind specimen discovered.

Luxury, not at the expense of Quality…

After harvest concludes, all raw materials undergo special mixing and lengthy drying experimental procedures, as well as UV total sterilization process, before being stored under ideal controlled conditions in our laboratory. At the individual request of a recipient of services, the fresh, authentic and fragrant materials are promptly weighted in a and blended together, then sealed shut with food-grade silicon sealant and sealing wax into the handcrafted wooden chest, to ensure product control. The elegant black velvet packaging serves as the most suited final touch for the signature blend Malvictus.


The Chemistry involved…

Heating Malvictus spice blend above 165 oC is when the ”Magic” happens: Volatile Organic Compounds, thymol, carvacrol and other monoterpenoids, are emitted to the air, polyphenols, flavones and oil extracts of the pristine spices perfectly blend with the Fleur de sel Cretan salts, thus giving a most distinct characteristic aroma and a uniquely rich taste to meat, impossible to replicate.


Instructions for use:

Malvictus is completely 100% natural, with NO additives.

FREE OF: Synthetic Chemicals, Anti-caking and Free-flowing agents, Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Yeast, Preservatives, Sweeteners, Artificial Flavours or Colours

Instructions for use: Ready-to-use mixture. Apply a thin layer of Malvictus on full surface of the meat, preferably, directly before cooking or grilling. This mixture is completely 100% natural, with NO additives, hence heterogeneous. Therefore, before every single use, the blend ingredients should be gently stirred 3–4 times, in order for the lighter and heavier spices to be optimally re-blended before application. Since Malvictus contains salt, NO extra salt is needed. Immediately close after use. Store at room temperature.


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